My Children Mean Everything to Me

My Children Mean Everything to Me

POSTED BY: Barry Sanders in Blog

Like most fathers out there, my children are the most important aspect of my life. That is why when I went through a divorce several years ago, I was very worried about how the transition and change of ending my marriage would affect the daily lives of my kids, as well as what my role in their lives would be moving forward.

Because my children were in their formative years, I felt it was crucial that I remain accessible and continued to have as much contact with them as possible. I am fortunate enough to be in a position where I have the flexibility to spend a lot of time with them, and I wanted to make sure that continued after the divorce was finished.

I reiterated this as my top priority to my attorney and was lucky that my ex-wife agreed. We were both able to realize the importance of limiting the disruption to our children’s lives, which made things much easier for us when it came to agreeing on a fair custody arrangement.

However, there are plenty of horror stories out there of guys who go through a divorce and then rarely get to see their children. This is every dad’s worse nightmare.

Despite that fact that men now often play a major role in raising children, many of the laws dealing with divorce were written in a time when mothers were the primary caregiver. Because of this, even great fathers can run into issues in the family courts when it comes to getting a fair parenting plan after the divorce.

It is very important for every guy out there to fight for the custody and parenting time plan that they deserve. No matter your work schedule, where you live or any other factor that might get in the way, you must continue to work toward the best arrangement possible. This is where having representation that looks out for your interests becomes crucial.

My attorney did a great job of looking out for my rights; however, family courts still tend to favor moms when it comes to custody and lawyers can be hit or miss. What I didn’t realize at the time that there were firms out there that specifically focus on protecting the rights of men in divorce.

Cordell & Cordell is one of those firms whose primary mission is to ensure men are protected throughout the divorce process and has built reputation for their success. As a guy, it would have been a great comfort to know that an attorney from a firm like Cordell & Cordell was looking out for me.

It doesn’t matter who you are, all men will face uncertainties about what the future will hold when it comes to their kids after the divorce is finalized. It is up to you to continue fighting for your rights.

Having an attorney who you trust is looking out for your interests makes a major difference.



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