About a year ago, Barry was made aware of a box of fan mail letters that had recently been recovered at the Silver Dome. Yes, the Silver Dome. These letters are dated between 2004 - 2007 and vary in subject matter. Thanks to Michael Rothstein at ESPN, we have been able to track down a few of the authors of these letters and catch up with them. Here is an article with the full story:




However, there is only so much information on the Internet and we couldn't find everyone.

If you think that you may have written a letter to Barry in that time frame (yes, we know that was a long time ago!), check out the list by clicking the button below.

If you find a listing that you think may be you, please email us at fanmailproject@accessgroupofmiami.com.

*You must include your first and last name along with the address from which you would have mailed the letter to confirm identity*